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About Weighless With Raj

Hi, my name is Raj and I came across 123 diet few months ago so tried to give it a go. To my surprise, I lost 10 kilos in around 35 days. None of the diet pills and shakes that I tried in the last 5 years worked. Taking into consideration my own experience, I decided to become a distributor so that I can guide people from my own lived experience and all the support that I got from the creators of this diet program.

Our Products

Start working on your body today, and with our individual
fitness products, already in 35 days you will see a totally
different person in the mirror!


Loading days – Eat as much junk food as you possible can for two days only while taking the drops 3 times a day.
Restricted calories – You eat 500 calories a day (no calorie counting, simply follow the meal plan). You continue to take the drops 3 times a day and stay on this phase till you reach your goal weight.
Maintenance – The introduction of a lot more food back into your diet. You are no longer taking the drops on this phase and you stay on it for 3 weeks. This phase resets your metabolism at your goal weight to keep the weight off.