Restaurant is a kind of business that serves people all over the world with ready-made food. Clear billing provides billing software for restaurants to manage services like food ordering, reserve table management, customer information management,menu information management and report. It helps you to keep your restaurant business flowing smoothly.



Item Wise Sale

It shows the sale of a particular item on a particular day/period of days or can be used to check sales of all items in a specific time interval.


Recipe Management

It contains the guidelines to combine ingredients and raw materials in a certain ratio of ingredients that needs to be included which will lead you to make the mouth-watering dish that you desired to serve.


Stock Management

Our software conveys you the real-time data of the inventory available to you at the current moment and alerts you if you are getting out of stock.


Real-Time Table Management

Our restaurant table management software reduces your workload by providing you details of wait-listing and tables available to you.


Daily Sale Details

This module is responsible to show today sale details of the restaurant.


Daily Employee Sale Details

It is used to show the daily sale of products consumed by employees.


Sale Details

It is used to show all the sales by specifying details like table name, cover no., details, payment mode, amount, discount, etc and can also show sales by filtering on the basis of payment mode, date and table name.


Opening Stock

It is used to display items with opening quantity i.e. quantity which remains at the end of the previous day and current quantity.


Kitchen Stock Available

It is used to see the stock available in the kitchen

Have a glimpse of Restaurant Software

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